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The power of automation:

streamlined and automated CSMS for a collaborative supply chain

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Connected Vehicle Cyber Security Global Manager

Product Director


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ISO 21434 is a game-changer for the automotive industry. It mandates security by design — forcing automotive OEMs and suppliers to prioritize cybersecurity throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle, from ideation to retirement.

Though ISO 21434 and WP.29 acknowledge cybersecurity as a safety issue, to rise to the occasion, the industry must shed old ways of siloed thinking in favor of collaboration across the entire supply chain. A centralized, automated and continuously updated Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) will empower OEMs, Tier 1s and suppliers with visibility, control and protection. Pressures aside, security teams have room for more thorough implementation - paving the way to regulation compliance and best in class cybersecurity.

You’ll learn


How new cybersecurity processes and requirements are creating challenges for the automotive industry on the ground.


How TARA processes have changed over time, and what automation means for Cybersecurity processes in the future.


What role different actors within an organization, and across the supply chain, will play when collaborating on regulation and standard implementation

David Mor Ofek will dive into each area of the new cybersecurity vehicle lifecycle, showcasing the industry-critical benefits AutoSec - automated CSMS and its security modules - can provide stakeholders:

be more collaborative, more automated, save time and cost.

Concept Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment in a new era of automotive cybersecurity. When armed with visibility and traceability, what does the cross supply chain TARA of tomorrow look like?


Integration with any vulnerability management tool. The automotive cybersecurity professional’s arsenal is already stocked with tools to prevent attack, how can AutoSec complement existing tech stacks?


Automated validation and fuzz testing. How can typical approaches to cybersecurity testing be streamlined with a CSMS tool?


Life after development. Where does AutoSec fit with IDS and integration monitoring tools? CSMS Automation - is putting manual processes and documentation in place to manage the cybersecurity lifecycle of the vehicle really enough?

csms Automation

is putting manual processes and documentation in place to manage the cybersecurity lifecycle of the vehicle really enough?



Cosimo Senni, Ph.D.

Connect Vehicle Cybersecurity Senior Manager

Dr Cosimo Senni works in Automotive Cyber Security for Magneti Marelli. He manages technical discussions in Cyber Security with MM customers. He is involved in defining Cyber Security architecture of ECUs and vehicles and in vehicle penetration testing. He received a Master degree and a PhD in mathematics from the University of Bologna and is a former ESCAR USA and IQPC speaker.


Product Director

David is C2A’s product director, he is an expert in automotive cyber security with more than 20 years of experience in security and embedded systems over a variety of roles and companies.

During his career David led security activities in senior management positions such as head of security compliance and chief security architect in Harman Automotive LTD. Prior to Harman, David worked in several startups as well as big companies such as NDS in leading and management positions.